Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Isn't it amazing that we don't have the foresight to see why we are meant to do something but then looking back.... and everything makes sense? That is how I've been feeling. Over and over again I just go "Oh, that is why I went to that area or had that companion." "Oh, that is why that didn't work out." "Oh, that is what I needed to learn." It goes on and on... I'm pretty sure I've said" Oh" more times on my mission than in my entire lifetime. Such a cool experience to be able to learn everyday and to grow everyday. I like what one of the Sisters said, "The mission is like a microwave, you learn and do everything super fast." It is incredible to see how much can really be accomplished when you set your mind to it and just do it. I am so grateful to still be learning how to utilize time to it's fullest capacity, to prioritize, to do things even when its difficult, and just to be happy despite any of the challenges. I am so grateful to have challenges, to see that the Lord trust me enough to overcome them and to become better for them.
This last week was awesome because of Easter. I love Easter and all that it means (no, I'm not talking about chocolate although that is a bonus.) had a page for Easter where you could share what Jesus Christ meant to you from your facebook. We were allowed to post on it but I couldn't because I have forgotten my facebook password. I thought I'd post it here.
Jesus Christ has helped me to understand that I am truly a daughter of God and that I am worth it. So many times in life we get those horrible thoughts saying "you can't do it. You're too young, you aren't smart enough, you're too old, nobody likes you, you are nobody, etc. etc." But as I spend time praying I feel the calming  presence of my Savior saying "You can do it, I have descended below all things so that you could overcome this. I love you and I will go through it with you." That is the greatest thing to realize... that we don't have to do it alone. (come unto me all ye that are heavy laden... ) We do not have to do it alone. God loves us, Jesus Christ loves us, they want to help us reach and become more than we are today. When we focus on moving forward and trusting in God, we will be magnified far beyond our own expectations. The Lord loves you. Have cnfidence in Him and you will have confidence that the things you go through will give you experience and work together for your good. I love you all!
God be with you till we meet again,

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