Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Isn't it amazing that we don't have the foresight to see why we are meant to do something but then looking back.... and everything makes sense? That is how I've been feeling. Over and over again I just go "Oh, that is why I went to that area or had that companion." "Oh, that is why that didn't work out." "Oh, that is what I needed to learn." It goes on and on... I'm pretty sure I've said" Oh" more times on my mission than in my entire lifetime. Such a cool experience to be able to learn everyday and to grow everyday. I like what one of the Sisters said, "The mission is like a microwave, you learn and do everything super fast." It is incredible to see how much can really be accomplished when you set your mind to it and just do it. I am so grateful to still be learning how to utilize time to it's fullest capacity, to prioritize, to do things even when its difficult, and just to be happy despite any of the challenges. I am so grateful to have challenges, to see that the Lord trust me enough to overcome them and to become better for them.
This last week was awesome because of Easter. I love Easter and all that it means (no, I'm not talking about chocolate although that is a bonus.) had a page for Easter where you could share what Jesus Christ meant to you from your facebook. We were allowed to post on it but I couldn't because I have forgotten my facebook password. I thought I'd post it here.
Jesus Christ has helped me to understand that I am truly a daughter of God and that I am worth it. So many times in life we get those horrible thoughts saying "you can't do it. You're too young, you aren't smart enough, you're too old, nobody likes you, you are nobody, etc. etc." But as I spend time praying I feel the calming  presence of my Savior saying "You can do it, I have descended below all things so that you could overcome this. I love you and I will go through it with you." That is the greatest thing to realize... that we don't have to do it alone. (come unto me all ye that are heavy laden... ) We do not have to do it alone. God loves us, Jesus Christ loves us, they want to help us reach and become more than we are today. When we focus on moving forward and trusting in God, we will be magnified far beyond our own expectations. The Lord loves you. Have cnfidence in Him and you will have confidence that the things you go through will give you experience and work together for your good. I love you all!
God be with you till we meet again,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Listen to a "Prophet"

Aren't we so lucky? Isn't it such a miracle that the world could listen to a Prophet's voice and be able to  pray and ask God, "Is this your servant? Is this your Prophet?" and to think that God loves us so much that He will personally answer our prayers! God truly is a loving Heavenly Father and we are His children. He has sent us here to do a little bit of growing up and His vision for us is far greater than the vision we have for ourselves. He can change us and magnify us far beyond our expectations... if we let Him. 

Miracles do happen!

Miracles do happen! Even in the ritziest of places! We have been having some of the most amazing experiences talking to the people of Chevy Chase. We even had a few attend General Conference! Sister Lawrence is incredibly inspired and seems to always know the right moment to call people. She called one particular person just to invite them to see a prophet today. They came and they loved it and now they want to visit church! Today we had someone who investigated the church about a year ago call us and say that he would like to meet with the missionaries again. Wow! What an amazing thing that we don't always see the end result. When we meet with people they can feel the Spirit, it is something different and special, and they want to feel it again. It's funny how so many people misunderstand who we are or what we are trying to do. The people who are not as nice as they could be often have read or heard something very wrong about our faith. So many people say that they heard this or that... I often tell them, not everything you hear about us is true. Come and see. If people would just make a real effort of learning about and understanding who we are they would see what a force of good our faith is. How people are genuinely trying to live good, honest lives and try to always do what is right. Opposition in all things. I guess that is one of the ways I've seen that this is true, for when the greatest opposition comes the greatest truths are just around the corner. We are simply inviting people to know more truth with a surety in their hearts and showing them a way that they can feel more peace and happiness and closeness with God. It is amazing to see when that happens. It is a phenomenal thing to see the happiness that this gospel brings. To everyone, I invite you to find a way to come closer to God in your lives, I promise you won't regret it.

I love you all,
 God be with you till we meet again,
   Sister Gordon

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Night of Music at the Visitors Center

I was in charge of Night of Music and Inspiration last night at the Visitors' Center. (Missionaries perform musical pieces and share testimonies) It centered on Jesus Christ and his atonement. As part of it I shared my poem about Kim and how the atonement covers all pain. It was incredible how many people came up to me after and said that their heart was touched because of losses of their own. The program was as follows.
His Hand is Stretched out Still
Opening Prayer: Sister DeAgostini
Opening Remarks: Elder Larson (senior elder)
"He Sent His Son" Elder Williams accompanied by Elder Searle
He Left the Ninety and Nine: A talk by Sister Jones
"Where can I turn for peace"
A wind and String Ensemble:
Sister Wankier - fluet
Sister Miller - viola
Sister Wong Cello
Sister Finlay - Piano
Kim by Sister Gordon
"I come to Him" performed by Sister Welch
The Miracle of Forgiveness: A talk by Elder Rodriguez
"I Stand All Amazed"
Elder Brown, Elder Dillon, Elder Kennedy and Elder Williams Pianist: Elder Searle
Closing Remarks: Elder Larson
"When you Believe" A Duet by Sister Gros and Sister Joost Pianist Sister Welch
Closing Prayer: Elder Pawlenchuck
I loved it. The performers and speakers were incredible and the spirit was incredibly strong.  It was such a testimony to me of the need for our Savior and for His atonement. We all truly need it to feel joy in this life and the life to come. One of my favorite parts was from Elder Larson's closing remarks. He quoted Elder Holland " Many of you feel you have done too much too wrong for too long". Wow! How powerful to realize that often we do feel that we aren't worth the time, that we can't come back, that the atonement is for everyone else, but not for us. But Jesus Christ has engraven each one of us upon the palms of His hands. He would go through the Garden of Gethsemane all over again if He knew that just one of us would take the opportunity to use that atonement for our pains, our sins, our trials, and so that we can experience forgiveness. How truly amazing this gospel is!

Last Area Chevy Chase

Chevy chase was a fun first week! The city is crazy and we are talking to the AP's about possibly giving us some bikes for some of the closer stuff because parking is crazy but it is too far and too long to walk. We'll see, more updates on that later. (Wouldn't that be the coolest? Sister Missionaries on bikes in the city!) I wouldn't miss the horn honking that sometimes takes place with impatient city drivers. Ha ha! I don't know if I'm built for the city but I am learning. I know that life is a lot about learning and growing and I am so grateful for those experiences.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


(Feb.16, 2012)                   We got in a car wreck this morning but everyone walked away fine. 

Not my door. I was in the back on the opposite side. Not too scared. We woke up at 4 30 to do sunrise pictures at the monuments. I wasn't paying too much attention in the back until I heard tires screech. I was a little scared when we actually got hit because it was on the side of two of my best mission friends. As soon as I knew they were ok there was no worries. Poor guy that hit us though. He felt super bad! I can just imagine him going to work... "Oh man, sorry I'm late... I think I hit a bunch of nuns in my car today."

Monday, February 13, 2012


Calista Nicole Gordon (Nikki's Niece) was baptized on Saturday Feb 4 2012. This is what Nikki had to say about that. 
What a cool experience to be able to go to Calista's baptism! What a wonderful step she is taking in her life promising God that she is going to try her very hardest to do what Jesus would do. 8 years old is such a great age. It is an age where you have reached the age of accountability or the understanding between what is right and what is wrong. Every decision can be made with the realization that our choices always bring consequences. Some consequences are good and some are not. Every choice we make leads us to who we become and effects those around us. I don't think I understood to what a great depth we effect others until quite recently. Something that seems small and a "personal decision" often has long reaching effects on family friends and especially on our future. Choices are what help us grow and progress and BECOME. I like the quote I learned from Thayer Learning Center (a boot camp I used to work at in Missouri) "Character is won or lost when no one is looking." We become the choices we constantly make, especially those we make when we feel like nobody else will know. I often take inventory of myself to see what my character is.... Who am I when I am alone and making decisions? Who am I trying to become and how am I doing it? I think it was Elder Scott who said We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.(October 2010)  I just love that nobody is left to their circumstance but that we can overcome. We have the power to act we have the power to choose. There is a wonderful mormon message called Freedom to...

  God's idea is the freedom to become. We are free to overcome our circumstance and to become more than what the world expects of us. With God all things are possible and there are no limits. How amazing to know that God wants us to be better and do greater things than even we can imagine. If we humbly submit ourselves to God's will we will see miracles. So I invite each of you this week to prayerfully consider what more God wants for your life. Who does He want you to become and what does He want you to do. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you follow His will you will not be disappointed with the result. God is good and wonderful. I love you all dearly!
God be with you till we meet again.
  Sister Gordon